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Minister of Muscle


We are devoted to offering a place where people and their families can embark on a health and wellness journey. Here, it's not just about physical improvement, but also an avenue for spiritual growth.

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Meet Vincent Casey

With 17+ years of experience, Vincent A. Casey is an accredited personal fitness instructor and nourishment expert. Vincent has taken part in the NPC (National Physique Committee) heavyweight and super-heavyweight bodybuilding and was a victor of two individual titles, a division title and secured a place in Top 3 in other competitions. His ambition is to create an area where individuals can progress physically, but Minister of Muscle will be the first of its kind to provide a space for spiritual growth.

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“I am encouraged that I can put my faith in Vince’s knowledge to know what muscles, what groups, what order etc., are going to continue to get me results. He respects my limitations enough to work with them and will entertain how I am feeling (to a point ), but he does not baby them. He pushes just enough to help me believe I can when I am convinced that I cannot. And that is what I needed the most. I had almost stopped believing that I could.”

olivia d.

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