“Since the first day of entering Minister of Muscles building, it has been nothing but GROWTH! . I’ve been training with M.O.M since 2015. I started with the boot camps in 2014, and I transitioned into training thereafter. I came in with no idea of what was to come out of this; I just wanted to live a healthy lifestyle! I've lost over 15 pounds, a lot of inches, and gained muscle! I grew in strength, endurance, agility, stamina, confidence, and so much more! It has been a life changer since walking in the doors of M.O.M! I had goals, and I obtained them! I had weaknesses, and I was strengthened! I was always encouraged that “I could!” even when I felt I couldn’t. Therefore, every challenge became a victory! If you’re looking to grow in an atmosphere of confidence, hope, and love, you’ve found the right place! Get ready for growth! Thanks M.O.M!!!.”



“I am encouraged that I can put my faith in Vince’s knowledge to know what muscles, what groups, what order etc., are going to continue to get me results. He respects my limitations enough to work with them and will entertain how I am feeling (to a point ), but he does not baby them. He pushes just enough to help me believe I can when I am convinced that I cannot. And that is what I needed the most. I had almost stopped believing that I could.”




"I like to think that I was unique when I walked into Minister of Muscle to speak with Vince and get basic information about his program, his services offered.  I remember saying, “Frankly, I am a couch potato, and I need accountability in order to stop that process! I’m 60, and I don’t want to look like I’m 30; but, I DO want to be healthy!”  I thought his clients would all be “gym rats” who would laugh at my inexperience.  A year and a half later, I am probably in my best shape ever!  I’m much more healthy!  Even more important, I am a truly confident 62 year old, keeping up with my first grandchild!"


Vincent is the best personal trainer you will ever have. He has been training my body, my mind and my spirit for over 5 years. He works with me by adjusting my workouts, food intake and pushing me harder so that I can achieve the goals I’ve set for myself. He is one of a kind.