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MINI MUSCLES BOOTCAMP is a fitness-based after school program, for 2nd-5th graders, focused on teaching proper form and technique to not only enhance youth sports, but as an introduction to a lifetime of safe and effective fitness.  In addition, we are dedicated to the growth and development of self-confidence in each and every participant, and believe in providing an opportunity for every child - from the extremely athletic to the more indoor child - to achieve in the area of fitness.  We employ an MVP program where participants are rewarded for outstanding behavior and effort (as opposed to most physical strength or most speed, etc.) as these are areas which the child has control.  


MINI MUSCLES BOOTCAMP is taught by Minister of Muscle owner, Vincent and is available to Cobb County students at Tritt Elementary, Garrison Mill Elementary and Davis Elementary.  We are proud to say that Mini Muscles gives back a portion of student tuitions to the schools!  Inquire now about how to bring our program to your elementary school.