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MINI MUSCLES BOOTCAMP is an after school fitness program specifically designed for 2nd-5th graders. We fhhocus on instructing the right way to exercise to help improve their sports abilities and build a foundation of safe and effective fitness practices that they can use in their lifetime. Furthermore, we strive to increase the self-esteem of each individual in the program and provide a platform where children of all athletic levels can thrive in the realm of physical fitness. As a way to recognize their achievements, we have an MVP reward system that acknowledges the efforts and good behavior of the participants, instead of their physical power or speed.


MINI MUSCLES BOOTCAMP is facilitated by Vincent and is accessible to Cobb County scholars at Tritt Elementary, Garrison Mill Elementary and Davis Elementary. We are delighted to inform that Mini Muscles donates a portion of student fees to the schools! Get in touch now to discover how to bring our program to your elementary school.

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